ALTAMIRA tall vase by Ceramano


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DESIGNER / Hans Welling

DATE / mid to late 1950s

MANUFACTURER / Ceramano, Germany

This elegantly tall, tapered jug vase by Germany’s Ceramano is part of the ALTAMIRA range which was designed by Hans Welling and inspired by the prehistoric drawings in the Spanish caves of Altamira. It dates to the mid to late 1950s.

The jug vase is 33cm high. The animal drawings are slightly rough to the touch and set against the smooth, mottled muddy background. The base is hand marked GERMAN CERAMANO CM.


Ceramano was founded in 1954 by Jakob Schwaderlapp (who also founded Jasba), Ceramano was established as an art ceramic factory producing more artistic and experimental forms alongside the more mass-produced Jasba items. Ceramano items are generally of high quality. Many vase bases are hand marked. Designers included Hans Welling and Gerada Heuckerorth. The factory closed in the late 1980s.