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PLEASE NOTE   –  As from February 2018 twenty21 Fitzroy store has closed. twenty21 is however still operating as an exclusive online store and continues to bring you a selection of homewares and gifts from local and international sources.





The twenty21 story started in late November 2006 with the opening of a small shop on Elgin Street, Carlton.

twenty21’s initial focus was to bring 20th century (or midcentury) designs into the living environments of 21st century homes. Being ourselves children of the 60s, we have always been excited about the forms, colours and movements of those mid-20th century decades: the boldly hopeful Fifties, the swinging Sixties and the psychedelic Seventies.

Our main interest has always been the small stuff, the decorative ceramic and glass of all shapes, sizes and beautiful aesthetics. But it did not take much to get excited about the bigger stuff, pieces of furniture, lighting and the like. The Elgin Street shop became too small quickly, so two years later we travelled a relatively short distance down the hill to end up at our current Johnston Street store.

The bigger space allowed us to indulge in travelling regularly to Denmark and Sweden to source original midcentury furniture and decorative objects for a number of years. Our buying trips also gave us the opportunity to see what was happening overseas and we got to know of lot of emerging contemporary designers and designs.


twenty21 store in Fitzroy

twenty21 store in Fitzroy


Evolution has to happen. Almost ten years since the birth of twenty21, our store looks and feel quite different in so many ways. We have not lost our love for midcentury furniture and decorative objects. Today we are however stockists of some iconic brands such as Iittala, Normann Copenhagen, Royal Doulton and Exentri to name just a few.

“Evolution has to happen. Almost ten years since the birth of twenty21, our store looks and feels quite different in so many ways.”

At the same time, we are keen to discover and support local designers and makers with a focus on handmade. We love to curate our range of products and bringing you new ideas and products for your living space. We have become one of the go-to Fitzroy independent shops for exclusive and stylish homewares and gifts.

We still maintain a keen eye on midcentury items, although our focus is more eclectic these days. We are particularly interested in how the midcentury sensibility is incorporated in contemporary products.


twenty21 store fitzroy B - 1

twenty blends into 21 and back again. Past and present never part. The future is always around the corner. With a different and stimulating map, the twenty21 journey continues.