Buying a Wallet: The Ultimate Guide

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Every man out there checks they have three things before they head out the door: phone, keys and – perhaps most importantly – their wallet. Wallets are among the most important possession we own; just think about all the important things they hold!

You can’t drive without your wallet. You can’t eat without your wallet. And you definitely can’t have any fun without a wallet!

With that in mind, buying a wallet is an important decision. There’s so much to weigh up, from size and style, through to material and even design.

So, to help make that decision just a little easier, here is everything you need to know about buying a wallet.

The Size

Wallets come in so many different sizes these days. From the bulging types your Dad or Grandad carry, to wallets so small that they are basically just a glorified pouch for a credit card and your drivers’ license.

So, what is the perfect size?

The answer lies somewhere in between. If you go for a wallet that is about 7cm x 9cm x 1.5cm it will be small enough to fit in your pocket without changing the look and line of your pants or shorts. In addition, it won’t so small that it slips out of your pocket or easily gets lost amongst the clutter in your home. That’s the secret to size: big enough that you notice it, but not so big that it becomes annoying (or you have to carry it like a clutch purse!).

The Material

exentri leather wallet

Exentri Black Leather Wallet

When it comes to wallet materials, the chosen material tends to change with age. Young boys tend to go with synthetic Velcro options, before graduating to an imitation leather piece, and finally, when you reach adulthood only one material will do the job – leather.

Leather beats out all other contenders for several reasons:

1. Durability: Leather is famously tough, and it’s waterproof. Your wallet goes through hell and back. It’s squished under your bum all day, it sits on sticky bars, it accidentally goes through the washing machine and it gets lost amongst the dust balls at the back of your couch. You need leather if you want your wallet to last.

2. It Hold Its Shape: No matter what you do to your wallet, if it’s made of leather, it will bounce back to its original shape. On the other hand, a canvas wallet will reduce to a warped, and miserable version of its former self.

3. Low-Maintenance: You don’t have to wash a leather wallet, and it won’t be damaged by either rain or heat. In fact, you probably won’t have to clean it at all, and that’s what you want from a wallet.

4. It Feels Nice: Real leather is just so nice to hold onto. Even when you’re forking out for an overpriced beer and chips combo at the footy, you’ll still love holding onto that soft, supple leather.

5. It Looks Nice: Nothing compares to leather. It has always looked good, and it will always look good. A leather wallet looks good everywhere, at a bar, at your in-laws, at work and at a formal dinner. It looks good coming out a jeans pocket, out of a tuxedo inner pocket and even a pair of boardies. With a leather wallet, you only need one, because it suits all occasions.

The Design

Ok, so size and material are sorted. Now comes the design. There are a few different options to choose from, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, travel-style wallets, the money clip and even the checkbook.

For easy-access, you can’t go passed the tri-fold. It opens up to reveal all your cards, while still giving you access to your cash.

exentri leather wallet

Exentri Black Leather Wallet

Modern times call for modern features. Whatever design you choose, make sure it includes RFID blocking, as well as a mechanism to keep the magnetic strips on your cards separate. Sophisticated crims can steal your money and even your identity just be walking passed you if you don’t have RFID blocking. And, those magnetic strips can cause unholy hell if they come together. Before you know it, the magnetic strip on your credit card will ruined, thanks to the interference of your work entry swipe-card.

You can’t talk about design without discussing colour. Leather comes in a variety of colours, from classic brown and blacks, all the way to reds. This one is a matter of personal choice, and it’s all about your personality. For a classic look, stick with black and dark browns. If you want something a little different or modern, opt for a sandy brown. And, if you want to really bring the house down, why not try purple, or even green!

Exentri Black Structure leather wallet

Exentri Black Structure leather wallet


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