How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Room

Hunter wool rug

No matter how beautifully spotless and clean the floor underneath is, a rug is a welcome addition to any room. Rugs do more than just tie disparate design choices together – they make a room feel warm and inviting, feel comfortable to the touch, and can even make a room less noisy.

Choosing the rug that best suits your room is no easy task, but these tips will have you pointed in the right direction.

Size and Shape

Before getting set on what may look like the perfect rug for you, it’s crucial to measure the floor space available. That perfect rug may not be so perfect once it’s delivered to your door and looks half as big as you thought (and needed) it to be.

The size and shape of your new rug will depend upon the purpose of the room in which it is destined to live. For instance, in bedrooms, smaller rugs look smashing when layered underneath the bedframe (especially for larger beds). In comparison, larger rugs are better suited to dining rooms, where they can sit underneath the entire dining table and chair set. Getting the exact dimensions will help you narrow down options to the most suitable rugs available.

Hunter wool rug

Hunter Wool Rug

Ultimately, what you’re going to be looking to accomplish with any rug is symmetry and balance. The size of your rug should ensure that you have equal coverage across the entire space that you’re looking to fill. This means that your rug should be evenly spread underneath all central furniture in the room, not have a stray furniture leg or two perched awkwardly on the edge.

There are other factors to consider when it comes to the size and shape of your ultimate rug. Does your room have any unique architectural features that make achieving symmetry difficult? Do you own certain pieces of furniture can’t be moved? As long as you have the dimensions of the space that can be covered, you’re starting in the right place.

It should also be noted that rugs should be shaped to fit the dimensions of the room and furniture it will complement:

  • Circular rugs work best in smaller rooms
  • Rectangular rugs are great for longer rooms
  • Square rugs are a great choice for tightly packed rooms
rug collection xylo light grey

Rug Collection – Xylo Light Grey

Once you’ve got the shape and size of your rug nailed down, it’s time to start thinking about the right material for the job. Common options for rugs include:

Wool and cotton are luxuriously soft to the touch, and are an established option no matter where you look. Both of these materials can be sourced at a number of price-points, and will come in a variety of looks sure to work for your room.

Sisal and jute are made of natural plant fibres. They are known for being able to balance an earthy aesthetic quality with hardiness. Their neutral tones work almost anywhere in the house, and are able to withstand a fair bit of foot traffic.

Rugs made from plastics can be just as great an option, especially on a budget. Rugs made of non-biodegradable fibres are incredibly durable, and offer the advantage of being easier to clean. They even can be crafted to resemble natural fibres. Stretching your dollar can be both sensible and fashionable.

Chilewich utility doormat

Chilewich Utility Doormat

Colour and Composition

The right colour depends on the furniture in the room and — to an extent — how often that room sees foot traffic. A good rule of thumb is that for high traffic areas, thicker and darker rugs are safer bets. They won’t show dirt and mess as easily. This is great for hallways, dining rooms and living rooms.

Your interior design will also play a part in how effective your rug is at tying the room together. So, you’ll want your furniture and rug to complement each other in some way. For instance, if you like a neat, clean aesthetic in your home, and have lots of Scandinavian minimalist design, a gunmetal grey, non-patterned wool rug will be perfect.

However, a rug can also be a chance to add some texture and a splash of colour to any room. Patterns can add a modest but necessary flourish without going all out on the colours, whereas solid block colours can complement a room with lots of furniture nicely.

Purchase for the Long Term

Rugs are one of those things that will last you for many years, if maintained and cleaned well. Sometimes it can be worth spending extra to get the best value for money, especially if you’re assured of the quality and it couldn’t match your individual style more.

Last but not least, to ensure that your rug is securely locked in place (especially for wood floor panelling), consider investing in a rug underlay to prevent any unwanted slips!

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