How to Mix and Match Your Cushions and Throw Rugs for Maximum Impact

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Cushions and throw rugs are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to revolutionise your home. Wherever you have a couch or an armchair, you can use throws and cushions to add colour, contrast and visual interest.

However, it’s not a matter of simply picking up some cushions and throw rugs and scattering them around the house. Like all design projects, you need a plan, and you need to follow it.

Choosing the Colour

Your cushions and throws cannot be the same as your couches. If you notice any matching items around your home, throw them out or donate them. The idea of cushions and throws is to create contrast; if it is the same colour, it will just look like your furniture has grown lumps overnight.

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Instead, go for colours and patterns that bounce off one another. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Clashing patterns: Too many patterns in a room make the space look busy and confronting. After time, you’ll end up with a headache so remember to go for contrasts that create harmony, not clashes! As a general rule, if you’re working with a patterned room, go for a solid colour and vice-versa.
  • Consider your overall aesthetic: It’s not just about matching the couch. You have to choose cushions and throws that suit the entire room. Look at the artwork, as well as other furniture. If you have an antique-style room, an edgy set of cushions won’t work, will they?
  • Match the colours of the room: While you can’t match your cushions and throw to the couch, you can match them to other elements in the room. If you match black cushions with some black artwork, you tie the parts together to create a sense of harmony.

Creating a Clash

If you’re keen to create a cleverly clashing cacophony of bright colours and patterns, you need to ensure that you can walk the line between gorgeously playful and over-the-top gaudy. So, keep in mind that you should start with a neutral backdrop—natural, white walls will give the opportunity to incorporate colour and clashes without the fear of being too OTT. Also, keep in mind that by choosing colourful, differently patterned cushions that are all printed on the same fabric will help to unify your design.

The Colour Palette Selection Tool

When looking around your room, try to come up with two to three colours that match the following criteria:

  • A colour that is present in some other element of the room such as the curtains, or even a decoration
  • Colours that complement the overall scheme, instead of creating a clash. To match colours, use an online swatch tool. You can find a great one here.

How Many Cushions Do I Need?

The type of room you want to create will dictate how many cushions you need. If you’re styling a lounge room, with traditional colours, stick to an even number. If you want to create a more modern, eclectic look, go for an odd number.

It sounds like a strange concept, but we are automatically trained to pick up on odds and evens. If we see an even number of cushions on a couch, we feel comfortable, if we see an odd number we get the lovely, jarring feeling that modern design elicits.

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The size of the couch will dictate the actual number of cushions you use. As a general rule, a two-seater couch should have no more than four cushions, and
stick to five for a three-seater.

What About Size and Shape?

Go with the standard square shaped cushion for the cleanest look. They look great on all couches, and you can arrange them in different ways if you feel like mixing up the shapes. Oversized cushions are great for turning the floor into another space for relaxation.

You can also use round cushions to offset the rigid, clean lines of an armchair.

Choosing Throws

When it comes to choosing throws, you should use the same rules as selecting cushions. However, throws also need to be functional. If you want your throw to keep you warm in winter, go for luxurious woollen examples. You should also choose dark, warm colours to give your room a bit of glamour.

Funky Doris DON cotton blanket grey

Funky Doris DON cotton blanket grey

If you want something lighter, go with a silk or cotton rug to provide a beautiful offset against coarsely textured curtains or couches. You can also use chunky, knitted throws for a bohemian look.

When it comes to throws, don’t worry about arrangements. Literally, throw it on the back of your couch, and it will look great. They’re designed to be lived on and in, so don’t cordon them off. Make the most of your throws and enjoy the luxury of #blanketlife!

Follow these simple rules, and you’ll completely change the aesthetic of your home. Remember, throws and cushions aren’t just for living rooms, in fact, they belong in every room.

Add a throw to your bed and turn it into the perfect space for a nap, or add cushions to your outdoor area to really turn it into another living space. With such a versatile and easy design element at your fingertips, you’d be crazy not to make the most of it.

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