The 2018 Christmas Moomin mugs from Arabia have arrived!

Light Snowfall is the theme on Arabia’s winter seasonal 2018 Christmas mug.

christmas 2018 moomin mug

Moomintroll experiences snow for the very first time

Light Snowfall shows the moment when Moomintroll experiences his first snowfall.. The illustration used is based on Tove Jansson’s beloved book “Moominland Midwinter” dating to 1957. In the book Moomintroll wakes up from hibernation and gets to see Moominvalley completely covered by a white coat and gets to experience winter for the first time. The picture captures the moment when Moomintroll learns to like winter and becomes almost euphoric about it!

In the story Moomintroll feels very confused at first. One snowflake after another touches his warm snout and melts almost immediately. He tries and catches them with his paws and admires them for a while as they disappear.

He wanders down to the sea and walks along there for a long time so long in fact that he feels very light headed. Finally he gets excited and begins to whistle. He kicks a piece of ice in front of him and looks up; he sees snowflakes coming down and falling on his face. The air if full of them and they are as soft and light as feathers.

The weather is getting warmer and snow is all he can see. Moomintroll is thrilled about the snow and throws himself onto a snowdrift. He gets covered by a light snowfall with a big smile on his face.

New design was created by Trove Slotte

This gentle blue product is different to the previous seasonal Moomin products by Arabia. The main colour is blue which depicts the cold of winter. Jansson’s original design was made with a scraping technique which is why the picture on the mug had to be simple and include a very limited range of colours. This illustration has been recreated by ceramic artist Tove Slotte by using Jansson’s original black and white drawings as a basis for her work.

So many words to describe the snow!

Tove Jansson was especially skilful at describing the snow. The original “Moominland Midwinter” illustrations and descriptions of snow and snowing are based on dozens of Finnish and Swedish synonyms for snow. The childlike Moomintroll first encounter with the snow is a way to describe the author’s first magical experience of snow as a child.

Be quick! Numbers are limited.

Unlike most of the regular Moomin mug designs, the Christmas mugs are released as a limited edition never to be manufactured again. We only have a limited number in stock so be quick!

Cushions and throw rugs are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to revolutionise your home. Wherever you have a couch or an armchair, you can use throws and cushions to add colour, contrast and visual interest.

However, it’s not a matter of simply picking up some cushions and throw rugs and scattering them around the house. Like all design projects, you need a plan, and you need to follow it.

Choosing the Colour

Your cushions and throws cannot be the same as your couches. If you notice any matching items around your home, throw them out or donate them. The idea of cushions and throws is to create contrast; if it is the same colour, it will just look like your furniture has grown lumps overnight.

print society cushions


Instead, go for colours and patterns that bounce off one another. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Clashing patterns: Too many patterns in a room make the space look busy and confronting. After time, you’ll end up with a headache so remember to go for contrasts that create harmony, not clashes! As a general rule, if you’re working with a patterned room, go for a solid colour and vice-versa.
  • Consider your overall aesthetic: It’s not just about matching the couch. You have to choose cushions and throws that suit the entire room. Look at the artwork, as well as other furniture. If you have an antique-style room, an edgy set of cushions won’t work, will they?
  • Match the colours of the room: While you can’t match your cushions and throw to the couch, you can match them to other elements in the room. If you match black cushions with some black artwork, you tie the parts together to create a sense of harmony.

Creating a Clash

If you’re keen to create a cleverly clashing cacophony of bright colours and patterns, you need to ensure that you can walk the line between gorgeously playful and over-the-top gaudy. So, keep in mind that you should start with a neutral backdrop—natural, white walls will give the opportunity to incorporate colour and clashes without the fear of being too OTT. Also, keep in mind that by choosing colourful, differently patterned cushions that are all printed on the same fabric will help to unify your design.

The Colour Palette Selection Tool

When looking around your room, try to come up with two to three colours that match the following criteria:

  • A colour that is present in some other element of the room such as the curtains, or even a decoration
  • Colours that complement the overall scheme, instead of creating a clash. To match colours, use an online swatch tool. You can find a great one here.

How Many Cushions Do I Need?

The type of room you want to create will dictate how many cushions you need. If you’re styling a lounge room, with traditional colours, stick to an even number. If you want to create a more modern, eclectic look, go for an odd number.

It sounds like a strange concept, but we are automatically trained to pick up on odds and evens. If we see an even number of cushions on a couch, we feel comfortable, if we see an odd number we get the lovely, jarring feeling that modern design elicits.

print society cushion


The size of the couch will dictate the actual number of cushions you use. As a general rule, a two-seater couch should have no more than four cushions, and
stick to five for a three-seater.

What About Size and Shape?

Go with the standard square shaped cushion for the cleanest look. They look great on all couches, and you can arrange them in different ways if you feel like mixing up the shapes. Oversized cushions are great for turning the floor into another space for relaxation.

You can also use round cushions to offset the rigid, clean lines of an armchair.

Choosing Throws

When it comes to choosing throws, you should use the same rules as selecting cushions. However, throws also need to be functional. If you want your throw to keep you warm in winter, go for luxurious woollen examples. You should also choose dark, warm colours to give your room a bit of glamour.

Funky Doris DON cotton blanket grey

Funky Doris DON cotton blanket grey

If you want something lighter, go with a silk or cotton rug to provide a beautiful offset against coarsely textured curtains or couches. You can also use chunky, knitted throws for a bohemian look.

When it comes to throws, don’t worry about arrangements. Literally, throw it on the back of your couch, and it will look great. They’re designed to be lived on and in, so don’t cordon them off. Make the most of your throws and enjoy the luxury of #blanketlife!

Follow these simple rules, and you’ll completely change the aesthetic of your home. Remember, throws and cushions aren’t just for living rooms, in fact, they belong in every room.

Add a throw to your bed and turn it into the perfect space for a nap, or add cushions to your outdoor area to really turn it into another living space. With such a versatile and easy design element at your fingertips, you’d be crazy not to make the most of it.

Every man out there checks they have three things before they head out the door: phone, keys and – perhaps most importantly – their wallet. Wallets are among the most important possession we own; just think about all the important things they hold!

You can’t drive without your wallet. You can’t eat without your wallet. And you definitely can’t have any fun without a wallet!

With that in mind, buying a wallet is an important decision. There’s so much to weigh up, from size and style, through to material and even design.

So, to help make that decision just a little easier, here is everything you need to know about buying a wallet.

The Size

Wallets come in so many different sizes these days. From the bulging types your Dad or Grandad carry, to wallets so small that they are basically just a glorified pouch for a credit card and your drivers’ license.

So, what is the perfect size?

The answer lies somewhere in between. If you go for a wallet that is about 7cm x 9cm x 1.5cm it will be small enough to fit in your pocket without changing the look and line of your pants or shorts. In addition, it won’t so small that it slips out of your pocket or easily gets lost amongst the clutter in your home. That’s the secret to size: big enough that you notice it, but not so big that it becomes annoying (or you have to carry it like a clutch purse!).

The Material

exentri leather wallet

Exentri Black Leather Wallet

When it comes to wallet materials, the chosen material tends to change with age. Young boys tend to go with synthetic Velcro options, before graduating to an imitation leather piece, and finally, when you reach adulthood only one material will do the job – leather.

Leather beats out all other contenders for several reasons:

1. Durability: Leather is famously tough, and it’s waterproof. Your wallet goes through hell and back. It’s squished under your bum all day, it sits on sticky bars, it accidentally goes through the washing machine and it gets lost amongst the dust balls at the back of your couch. You need leather if you want your wallet to last.

2. It Hold Its Shape: No matter what you do to your wallet, if it’s made of leather, it will bounce back to its original shape. On the other hand, a canvas wallet will reduce to a warped, and miserable version of its former self.

3. Low-Maintenance: You don’t have to wash a leather wallet, and it won’t be damaged by either rain or heat. In fact, you probably won’t have to clean it at all, and that’s what you want from a wallet.

4. It Feels Nice: Real leather is just so nice to hold onto. Even when you’re forking out for an overpriced beer and chips combo at the footy, you’ll still love holding onto that soft, supple leather.

5. It Looks Nice: Nothing compares to leather. It has always looked good, and it will always look good. A leather wallet looks good everywhere, at a bar, at your in-laws, at work and at a formal dinner. It looks good coming out a jeans pocket, out of a tuxedo inner pocket and even a pair of boardies. With a leather wallet, you only need one, because it suits all occasions.

The Design

Ok, so size and material are sorted. Now comes the design. There are a few different options to choose from, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, travel-style wallets, the money clip and even the checkbook.

For easy-access, you can’t go passed the tri-fold. It opens up to reveal all your cards, while still giving you access to your cash.

exentri leather wallet

Exentri Black Leather Wallet

Modern times call for modern features. Whatever design you choose, make sure it includes RFID blocking, as well as a mechanism to keep the magnetic strips on your cards separate. Sophisticated crims can steal your money and even your identity just be walking passed you if you don’t have RFID blocking. And, those magnetic strips can cause unholy hell if they come together. Before you know it, the magnetic strip on your credit card will ruined, thanks to the interference of your work entry swipe-card.

You can’t talk about design without discussing colour. Leather comes in a variety of colours, from classic brown and blacks, all the way to reds. This one is a matter of personal choice, and it’s all about your personality. For a classic look, stick with black and dark browns. If you want something a little different or modern, opt for a sandy brown. And, if you want to really bring the house down, why not try purple, or even green!

Exentri Black Structure leather wallet

Exentri Black Structure leather wallet


No matter how beautifully spotless and clean the floor underneath is, a rug is a welcome addition to any room. Rugs do more than just tie disparate design choices together – they make a room feel warm and inviting, feel comfortable to the touch, and can even make a room less noisy.

Choosing the rug that best suits your room is no easy task, but these tips will have you pointed in the right direction.

Size and Shape

Before getting set on what may look like the perfect rug for you, it’s crucial to measure the floor space available. That perfect rug may not be so perfect once it’s delivered to your door and looks half as big as you thought (and needed) it to be.

The size and shape of your new rug will depend upon the purpose of the room in which it is destined to live. For instance, in bedrooms, smaller rugs look smashing when layered underneath the bedframe (especially for larger beds). In comparison, larger rugs are better suited to dining rooms, where they can sit underneath the entire dining table and chair set. Getting the exact dimensions will help you narrow down options to the most suitable rugs available.

Hunter wool rug

Hunter Wool Rug

Ultimately, what you’re going to be looking to accomplish with any rug is symmetry and balance. The size of your rug should ensure that you have equal coverage across the entire space that you’re looking to fill. This means that your rug should be evenly spread underneath all central furniture in the room, not have a stray furniture leg or two perched awkwardly on the edge.

There are other factors to consider when it comes to the size and shape of your ultimate rug. Does your room have any unique architectural features that make achieving symmetry difficult? Do you own certain pieces of furniture can’t be moved? As long as you have the dimensions of the space that can be covered, you’re starting in the right place.

It should also be noted that rugs should be shaped to fit the dimensions of the room and furniture it will complement:

  • Circular rugs work best in smaller rooms
  • Rectangular rugs are great for longer rooms
  • Square rugs are a great choice for tightly packed rooms
rug collection xylo light grey

Rug Collection – Xylo Light Grey

Once you’ve got the shape and size of your rug nailed down, it’s time to start thinking about the right material for the job. Common options for rugs include:

Wool and cotton are luxuriously soft to the touch, and are an established option no matter where you look. Both of these materials can be sourced at a number of price-points, and will come in a variety of looks sure to work for your room.

Sisal and jute are made of natural plant fibres. They are known for being able to balance an earthy aesthetic quality with hardiness. Their neutral tones work almost anywhere in the house, and are able to withstand a fair bit of foot traffic.

Rugs made from plastics can be just as great an option, especially on a budget. Rugs made of non-biodegradable fibres are incredibly durable, and offer the advantage of being easier to clean. They even can be crafted to resemble natural fibres. Stretching your dollar can be both sensible and fashionable.

Chilewich utility doormat

Chilewich Utility Doormat

Colour and Composition

The right colour depends on the furniture in the room and — to an extent — how often that room sees foot traffic. A good rule of thumb is that for high traffic areas, thicker and darker rugs are safer bets. They won’t show dirt and mess as easily. This is great for hallways, dining rooms and living rooms.

Your interior design will also play a part in how effective your rug is at tying the room together. So, you’ll want your furniture and rug to complement each other in some way. For instance, if you like a neat, clean aesthetic in your home, and have lots of Scandinavian minimalist design, a gunmetal grey, non-patterned wool rug will be perfect.

However, a rug can also be a chance to add some texture and a splash of colour to any room. Patterns can add a modest but necessary flourish without going all out on the colours, whereas solid block colours can complement a room with lots of furniture nicely.

Purchase for the Long Term

Rugs are one of those things that will last you for many years, if maintained and cleaned well. Sometimes it can be worth spending extra to get the best value for money, especially if you’re assured of the quality and it couldn’t match your individual style more.

Last but not least, to ensure that your rug is securely locked in place (especially for wood floor panelling), consider investing in a rug underlay to prevent any unwanted slips!

Your coffee mug is with you when you start the day. It’s there through countless hours spent at desks in libraries or at work. It supports you through your ill-advised 3:00am Netflix binges with some piping hot camomile and a non-judgy presence.

You’ve probably never thought about it all that much (which is entirely fair), but mugs are up there with fire and the wheel in terms of great societal achievement. Basically, they deserve a bit more recognition.

They also say a lot about the mug-bearer; what someone chooses to help them get through the day is definitely a very personal thing. Sometimes, the colours, words, patterns, etc. on a mug are just so obvious that you can tell little things about a person. Even indicating if you bought the mug for $2 at the nearest supermarket! (Maybe you’re a pragmatic go-getter, or broke – the point is that it can mean more than you think).

Here’s a look at what your mug might be saying about you behind your back.

Organic Mug

Life is about appreciating the finer things, and coffee is most definitely one of them. The owner of an organic mug is all about natural aesthetics, and more often than not actively seeks out opportunities to use a film camera. Their rooms are adorned with a selection of posters ranging from the Velvet Underground to Tash Sultana and windowsills laden with an array of succulents.

Robert Gordon MELT organic mug

Organic mugs, like many other artisan goods, indicate a taste for quality handmade craftsmanship, and a penchant for trying things off the beaten track. This mug will quite often be used to sample a vast array of organic loose-leaf herbal teas, organically grown and fair trade sourced.

The simple yet elegant look of an organic mug invariably means it’s the first mug to be pinched by a housemate, yet the mug-bearer is usually too kind to pretend they are bothered.

Reusable Keep Cup

You’re driven and empowered, but you’re different – you give a damn about the environment, and you’re not afraid to show it. This is the mug for the person on the go and with a heart of gold – though it can be pretty hard to show it between frantically meeting deadlines and rushing to meetings.

This travelling mug is a great companion for someone who’s constantly on the move, trying to savour every single coffee shop in a 5km radius and in-between shifts at the Uni library, work, or both. These mugs are more often than not paired with coffee for the on-demand caffeine hit, usually from some of the trendiest coffee spots around town.

For this reason, the bearer of the reusable keep cup usually has some fairly strong opinions on coffee as well as the environment. Be incredibly careful to not bother them before their first cup.

Matte, Pastel Mug

The person who totes a matte, pastel mug knows that hot beverages are simply a means to an end. Coffee to perk up, tea to calm down. Everything has a specific, ordered purpose, which is beautiful in its own way. They prioritise cleanliness and efficiency above all, meet deadlines and go to bed at a sensible hour.

robert, gordon, pottery, stoneware, mug, swatch

Robert Gordon Pottery Stoneware Swatch Mug

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have an eye for fashion. In fact, they are very likely currently searching for Pinterest boards on Scandinavian interior design. This person also probably has a very comprehensive wardrobe, which incorporates a lot of muted greys, blacks and whites – colours are incorporated via accessories.

These mugs are bold and iconic, demanding attention to their perfect form and symmetry, much like their owner.

Personalised Mug

Above all, a personalised mug will tell you that the person drinking from it values comfort and familiarity above all. Whether the mug is adorned with the face of a friend as part of a birthday present, or whether it came from an expensive holiday, this mug has immense personal significance.

A subset of this is the ironic quote mug – think phrases like ‘#1 Dad’ or some sort of pop culture reference – which induces the same effect. People with this type of mug are both (somehow) introverted and the lifeblood of their friend group, and will spend unhealthy amounts of time scouring the internet for new TV shows to steal jokes from.

This also means that this mug seems to impose undying loyalty, requiring no other mug to be taken from the drawer ever again (without regard to cleanliness). This mug will go through absolute agony before it is washed properly.

Moomin Ceramic Mug Arabia Stinky

Moomin Ceramic Mug Arabia Stinky

Corporate Mug

You got it from some careers’ fair three years ago, or maybe it was a gift from a friend at a hotshot start-up? Either way, it gets the job done. The person using this mug doesn’t much care for any fancy flourishes, or anything for that matter, because they just woke up 20 minutes past their alarm and need a quick hit before sprinting out the door.

Feel like you need to update your favourite mug? Why not peruse our collection today?

PIECE of DENMARK is the collaboration between architect Dorte Kjettrup and designer Susanne Holmvang.

piece of denmark 001

Dorte and Susanne are based in the town of Aarhus and they share a great fascination with the play of light and shadow, with a universe of beautiful designs from the past and modern graphic styles which are all reflected in their productions.

At twenty21 we currently offer two designs by Piece of Denmark: the Gubel and the Queen.

piece of denmark gubel large small

GUBEL small and large by Piece of Denmark

The idea behind the GUBEL was to create an object with a double value. An object which is functional –  a vase – and which is also a beautiful and tactile sculpture. The name GUBEL is inspired by jellyfish (in Danish gopler) – a floating, alluring and magical sea creature.

The Queen and small Gubel by Piece of Denmark

The Queen and small Gubel by Piece of Denmark

The QUEEN is a more traditional vase with carvings which are reminiscent of a queen´s crown, hence the name. This sculptural vase has a clean strong graphical expression and its carvings create a play of light and shadow.

Both objects are handmade in a small pottery studio on the Danish island of Langeland and currently available at twenty21.

CLICK HERE for more information.

twenty21 has been a stockist of Exentri wallets for some years now but the popularity of this clever little leather wallet from Norway shows no sign of abating. So many reasons why this is so.

First, this wallet is seriously compact measuring 7cm x just over 9cm. It fits in your back or front pocket with ease.

Second, there is a cut out window on both sides of the wallet. This allows you to flick the card in the slot out with your thumb without opening the wallet. The two cards that you use the most should go in the two outer slots.

Third, you have four more slots for your card. You can put more than one card in these slots.

Fourth, there is a long slot for your notes. Coins will have to go into the glove box in the car or the big coin jar at home.

Have you got your Exentri yet? Check out our current stock



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For all online orders of $150 or more, shipping is free! *

*furniture and items not available via the online shop are excluded.

Erin Lightfoot is an Australian print designer who uses colour and pattern to enhance objects and spaces. Her primary medium is porcelain which she uses to create functional canvasses for her print designs.

In partnership with Tang Oudomvilay, Erin runs a ceramic studio creating contemporary ceramic jewellery and homewares. Each piece is handmade with thought and care in their Brisbane studio and sold in stores throughout Australia and the USA.

We came across Erin’s designs in late 2015 when we included some of her beautiful vases in our range. Later in the year we will add more shapes a colour from Erin’s collection. In the meantime, we could not resist bringing some of her jewellery pieces to our customers.


Group of Erin Lightfoot ceramic vases

Group of Erin Lightfoot ceramic vases

Front and back of a group of ceramic vases by Erin Lightfoot. You can easily switch to a more minimalist look in seconds.


Erin LIghtfoot gold stud earrings in black

Erin LIghtfoot Francis ceramic earrings

ceramic earrings by Erin Lightfoot now at twenty21


You can find our current range of Erin’s jewellery and vases CLICK HERE

Livingly was established in 2008 with the sole vision of adding inspiring and original creative Danish artistry to the home.

At the beginning, Livingly reintroduced and re-issued a famous collection of paper cuts and hanging mobiles from the Danish artists and designers Anni and Bent Knudsen dating back to the mid-1950s. Over time, they have added a very wide range of mobiles, cards designs and Christmas decorations made from paper.

The recently released collection also includes mobiles made from timber such as the SCALA and the BLADES mobiles.

twenty21 is currently the only Australian stockist of Livingly mobiles. You can find our current range by CLICKING HERE.


When the Iittala Glassworks opened in 1881, there were 20 other glassworks in Finland. Glassmaking was a dynamically progressing and expanding branch of industry but many of the factories were small and short lived. But 135 years later, Iittala is still one of the few companies in this sector in Finland. Today Iittala has grown into a well-known corporate group focusing on stylish products for drinking, preparing and serving food.

twenty21 is very excited to welcome as part of its homeware range some of the timeless designs from this prestigious brand.

iittala kartio glassware at twenty21

iittala kartion glasses designed by Kaj Franck in 1958. They are still a classic today.

We are excited to announce that we are now stockists of Normann Copenhagen range of beautiful products for the home. 

Normann Copenhagen aims to create original, bold and eye-catching products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. It strives to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great and innovative design.

You can find our current range of Normann Copenhagen products HERE.




still glass vase grey normann copenhagen

STILL glass vase in grey with Australian native flowers

curve hook natural norman copenhagen

curve hook natural norman

CANDY play coat rack norman copenhagen (detail)

CANDY play coat rack  (detail)

Fancy that. SKANDINAVISK, the company  that creates candles inspired by the scents of Scandinavia – was founded by two English men, Shaun Russell and Gerry Kingham, who fell in love with two blonde Scandinavian women over a decade ago.

After each moving to the region, working for big American multinationals and living between Copenhagen and Stockholm, they also fell gradually in love with the Scandinavian way of life: the focus on life’s small moments, the priority of family over career, the cycle to the office, the home at 4pm, the raw nature, the endless summers. Well, it is easy to do. It’s an enviable lifestyle that even the gloomiest winter cannot temper.

Both believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is in the colour, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul too.

Scandinavians use more candles than any other group of people in the world.

They use them morning, noon and night.

Twelve months a year.

Because they know that a candle makes any moment softer, more informal, cosier. And they are amongst the world’s happiest people.

All you need is love. We already knew that. There is a lot of love in these candles. So, spread the love and happiness around.

As an introductory offer, all Skandinavisk scented candles will be sent postage free anywhere in Australia until Sunday 18th October 2015. Just enter the coupon ‘skandifree’ at checkout and tick on the free postage option.


Skandinavisk scented candles

Skandinavisk scented candles at twenty21