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GUBEL by Piece of Denmark

PIECE of DENMARK is the collaboration between architect Dorte Kjettrup and designer Susanne Holmvang.

piece of denmark 001

Dorte and Susanne are based in the town of Aarhus and they share a great fascination with the play of light and shadow, with a universe of beautiful designs from the past and modern graphic styles which are all reflected in their productions.

At twenty21 we currently offer two designs by Piece of Denmark: the Gubel and the Queen.

piece of denmark gubel large small

GUBEL small and large by Piece of Denmark

The idea behind the GUBEL was to create an object with a double value. An object which is functional –  a vase – and which is also a beautiful and tactile sculpture. The name GUBEL is inspired by jellyfish (in Danish gopler) – a floating, alluring and magical sea creature.

The Queen and small Gubel by Piece of Denmark

The Queen and small Gubel by Piece of Denmark

The QUEEN is a more traditional vase with carvings which are reminiscent of a queen´s crown, hence the name. This sculptural vase has a clean strong graphical expression and its carvings create a play of light and shadow.

Both objects are handmade in a small pottery studio on the Danish island of Langeland and currently available at twenty21.

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