The Christmas 2018 Moomin mug is…LIGHT SNOWFALL

The 2018 Christmas Moomin mugs from Arabia have arrived!

Light Snowfall is the theme on Arabia’s winter seasonal 2018 Christmas mug.

christmas 2018 moomin mug

Moomintroll experiences snow for the very first time

Light Snowfall shows the moment when Moomintroll experiences his first snowfall.. The illustration used is based on Tove Jansson’s beloved book “Moominland Midwinter” dating to 1957. In the book Moomintroll wakes up from hibernation and gets to see Moominvalley completely covered by a white coat and gets to experience winter for the first time. The picture captures the moment when Moomintroll learns to like winter and becomes almost euphoric about it!

In the story Moomintroll feels very confused at first. One snowflake after another touches his warm snout and melts almost immediately. He tries and catches them with his paws and admires them for a while as they disappear.

He wanders down to the sea and walks along there for a long time so long in fact that he feels very light headed. Finally he gets excited and begins to whistle. He kicks a piece of ice in front of him and looks up; he sees snowflakes coming down and falling on his face. The air if full of them and they are as soft and light as feathers.

The weather is getting warmer and snow is all he can see. Moomintroll is thrilled about the snow and throws himself onto a snowdrift. He gets covered by a light snowfall with a big smile on his face.

New design was created by Trove Slotte

This gentle blue product is different to the previous seasonal Moomin products by Arabia. The main colour is blue which depicts the cold of winter. Jansson’s original design was made with a scraping technique which is why the picture on the mug had to be simple and include a very limited range of colours. This illustration has been recreated by ceramic artist Tove Slotte by using Jansson’s original black and white drawings as a basis for her work.

So many words to describe the snow!

Tove Jansson was especially skilful at describing the snow. The original “Moominland Midwinter” illustrations and descriptions of snow and snowing are based on dozens of Finnish and Swedish synonyms for snow. The childlike Moomintroll first encounter with the snow is a way to describe the author’s first magical experience of snow as a child.

Be quick! Numbers are limited.

Unlike most of the regular Moomin mug designs, the Christmas mugs are released as a limited edition never to be manufactured again. We only have a limited number in stock so be quick!

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