What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

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Your coffee mug is with you when you start the day. It’s there through countless hours spent at desks in libraries or at work. It supports you through your ill-advised 3:00am Netflix binges with some piping hot camomile and a non-judgy presence.

You’ve probably never thought about it all that much (which is entirely fair), but mugs are up there with fire and the wheel in terms of great societal achievement. Basically, they deserve a bit more recognition.

They also say a lot about the mug-bearer; what someone chooses to help them get through the day is definitely a very personal thing. Sometimes, the colours, words, patterns, etc. on a mug are just so obvious that you can tell little things about a person. Even indicating if you bought the mug for $2 at the nearest supermarket! (Maybe you’re a pragmatic go-getter, or broke – the point is that it can mean more than you think).

Here’s a look at what your mug might be saying about you behind your back.

Organic Mug

Life is about appreciating the finer things, and coffee is most definitely one of them. The owner of an organic mug is all about natural aesthetics, and more often than not actively seeks out opportunities to use a film camera. Their rooms are adorned with a selection of posters ranging from the Velvet Underground to Tash Sultana and windowsills laden with an array of succulents.

Robert Gordon MELT organic mug

Organic mugs, like many other artisan goods, indicate a taste for quality handmade craftsmanship, and a penchant for trying things off the beaten track. This mug will quite often be used to sample a vast array of organic loose-leaf herbal teas, organically grown and fair trade sourced.

The simple yet elegant look of an organic mug invariably means it’s the first mug to be pinched by a housemate, yet the mug-bearer is usually too kind to pretend they are bothered.

Reusable Keep Cup

You’re driven and empowered, but you’re different – you give a damn about the environment, and you’re not afraid to show it. This is the mug for the person on the go and with a heart of gold – though it can be pretty hard to show it between frantically meeting deadlines and rushing to meetings.

This travelling mug is a great companion for someone who’s constantly on the move, trying to savour every single coffee shop in a 5km radius and in-between shifts at the Uni library, work, or both. These mugs are more often than not paired with coffee for the on-demand caffeine hit, usually from some of the trendiest coffee spots around town.

For this reason, the bearer of the reusable keep cup usually has some fairly strong opinions on coffee as well as the environment. Be incredibly careful to not bother them before their first cup.

Matte, Pastel Mug

The person who totes a matte, pastel mug knows that hot beverages are simply a means to an end. Coffee to perk up, tea to calm down. Everything has a specific, ordered purpose, which is beautiful in its own way. They prioritise cleanliness and efficiency above all, meet deadlines and go to bed at a sensible hour.

robert, gordon, pottery, stoneware, mug, swatch

Robert Gordon Pottery Stoneware Swatch Mug

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have an eye for fashion. In fact, they are very likely currently searching for Pinterest boards on Scandinavian interior design. This person also probably has a very comprehensive wardrobe, which incorporates a lot of muted greys, blacks and whites – colours are incorporated via accessories.

These mugs are bold and iconic, demanding attention to their perfect form and symmetry, much like their owner.

Personalised Mug

Above all, a personalised mug will tell you that the person drinking from it values comfort and familiarity above all. Whether the mug is adorned with the face of a friend as part of a birthday present, or whether it came from an expensive holiday, this mug has immense personal significance.

A subset of this is the ironic quote mug – think phrases like ‘#1 Dad’ or some sort of pop culture reference – which induces the same effect. People with this type of mug are both (somehow) introverted and the lifeblood of their friend group, and will spend unhealthy amounts of time scouring the internet for new TV shows to steal jokes from.

This also means that this mug seems to impose undying loyalty, requiring no other mug to be taken from the drawer ever again (without regard to cleanliness). This mug will go through absolute agony before it is washed properly.

Moomin Ceramic Mug Arabia Stinky

Moomin Ceramic Mug Arabia Stinky

Corporate Mug

You got it from some careers’ fair three years ago, or maybe it was a gift from a friend at a hotshot start-up? Either way, it gets the job done. The person using this mug doesn’t much care for any fancy flourishes, or anything for that matter, because they just woke up 20 minutes past their alarm and need a quick hit before sprinting out the door.

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